The Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation (or IRSNC in short) is a professional national institution. In compliance with the authorizations allotted to it by Slovene legislation or, to be more precise, by the Law on the conservation of nature (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 96/2004), it cares for the conservation of Slovene nature, with a special attention given to the nature conservationist most valuable areas in the country.

The IRSNC’s brand or trademark is a ribbon presenting the symbol of nature conservation. It is made up of six loops arranged in a circle, with three of them symbolising the non-living parts of nature, i.e. water – earth – air, and the remaining three standing for living nature, i.e. plants – animals – man, with the circle symbolically presenting the Institute for Nature Conservation. The interwoven loops in the circle thus indicate an integrity and mutual integration of living and non-living nature under the auspices of the IRSNC.

The IRSNC is divided into its Central Unit and seven Regional Units – i.e. RU’s of Celje, Kranj, Ljubljana, Maribor, Nova Gorica, Novo mesto and Piran – which provides for a solid coverage of the territory of the entire country. Institute employs  about 120 people (depending on the number of projects), most of them  university trained mainly from the spheres of biology, forestry, geography, geology and landscape architecture.